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Use our certified N95 surgical masks and antiviral sanitizers to protect you and the community to save lives of our generations. Use our wide range of certified medical accessories, face masks, sanitizers and thermal infrared thermometer. #StaySafe

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We offer certified N95 surgical masks, antiviral hand sanitizers, medial accessories and infrared thermal thermometer.
N95 surgical masks is very useful in preventing every kind of bacterias and viruses away from you thus keeping your lifestyle healthy and fresh all the time. Use our certified & approved antiviral hand sanitizer after every contact with anyone so that your hands and your other parts are always free by germs and you don't have any contamination at all thus protecting you and others from these viruses.

KN95 Face Mask

Our certified KN95 face mask is a multilayer face mask with properties to filter not only the dust and pollution

Antiviral Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer contains around 90% pure ethanol which is as effective to kill almost every single strain of any

Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer is a thermometer that infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes called black-body radiation emitted by the

Disposable Surgical Gown

Our disposable nonwoven surgical gown can be used for one time and disposed of quite easily. It's a very thin

Rubber Nitrile 9

The ergonomics model is more suitable for the human hand model, making the gloves fit tightly, five fingers fit tightly

Disposable Shoe Cover

It can be used to protect your indoor carpeting and floors from the dirt outside. It also can be used

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All our medical products are certified and is manufactured by taking all necessary measures to prevent any kind of issues with products.

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